philly.comNeither the Eagles coach nor the general manager came out and said that they had no interest in keeping the 31-year-old cornerback or at least at his projected $15.5 million salary for 2013. But the Eagles’ brain trust – especially Kelly, who has already lavished praise on certain players – did not give the indication that Asomugha will be part of the team’s plans moving forward. Kelly, who said he had finished watching most of the tape of the Eagles from last season, was asked what he thought of Asomugha after viewing his segment of plays. “I think Nnamdi has a skill set that can play football,” Kelly said. Kelly danced around other attempts to pin down his opinion of Asomugha’s play.

So to review, Chip Kelly thinks Michael Vick has “the skills to win with his offense”, thinks Nick Foles has “toughness” and the “ability to throw the ball very accurate”, and thinks Nnamdi Asomugha “has a skill set that can play football.” If Chip didn’t score enough points with you pretending to care about cheesesteaks and the Wing Bowl he’s definitely making up the difference by sneak-dissing everyone’s least favorite and most overpaid Eagle. THAT’S how you win over the Philly faithful, CK. Good old-fashioned Nnamdi bashing.

“No, I’m not trying to sound lukewarm on the guy I’m just saying he has a skill set that can play football. I’ve also seen that he has two arms and two legs which at this level is very important. Also saw on film that he has full control over all of his bodily functions as it didn’t appear he pee’d or pooped his uniform at all last season. So there are some positives. I don’t want to make any statements about contracts or how much I like specific players but Nnamdi Asomugha is definitely a guy with ten fingers who also appears to own shoulder pads.”