Philly.comNow, Dick Yuengling may be throwing back a few of his own brews after receiving a civil lawsuit from the city that claims his brewery, D.G. Yuengling and Son Inc., has failed to pay more than $6.6 million in city taxes, interest and penalty fees. How does a Pottsville-based beer company that doesn’t have a brewery or a plant in Philadelphia come to owe millions in business-income and -receipts taxes to the city? It’s not clear, because no one from the city would comment on the suit or explain even the basic foundation of the claims. The business-income and -receipts tax (BIRT), formerly known as the business-privilege tax (BPT), can be levied on any person or corporation that engages in taxable activity within the city, even if that business is not in the city. What the city constitutes as a taxable activity “is essentially a factual determination made on a case-by-case basis,” according to the regulations listed on the city’s website.

These are the types of stories that give the conservative media raging anger boners that only lots and lots of shouting can satisfy. $6.6 million based on some tax they kinda just made up and decided Yuengling needs to pay while refusing to divulge even the smallest bit of detail as to why? Shady-ass city being shady.

It’s a wonder who the Yuengling guys pissed off to make this sorta thing happen. Did Dick Yuengling leave a bloody hooker in Mayor Nutter’s beach house? Are the Yuengling trucks involved in the heroin trade and the company failed to pay the city their cut? So many possibilities.

Whatever it is doesn’t matter unless the price of Black & Tan goes up. Then we have a problem.