MONTCLAIR — Joseph Aziz admits he was “trolling” — internet slang for posting inflammatory comments online — when he wrote a comment below a YouTube video last fall saying a female classmate’s legs looked like “a pair of bleached hams.” Aziz, a Montclair State University graduate student from Weehawken, said he never imagined the jab at a stranger’s weight would prompt a complaint to university administrators, who forbade him from having any contact with the woman or talking about her on the internet. He was even more shocked, he said, when Montclair State officials called him into a disciplinary hearing a few weeks later after he mentioned the woman’s name while joking about the incident in a Facebook group he thought was private. Aziz’s punishment: a one-semester suspension and a note on his college transcript.

Show’s over, trolls! Looks like the next time you tell Neil to die of AIDS in a fire while being fisted by a porcupine your school or company is gonna find out an lay down the hammer. But, seriously, this is a sad day for America. You should be able to say whatever you want online and not be punished for it unless you’re literally stating that you’re going to bomb a daycare center or are willingly admitting you’re a Jets fan. Anonymous hatred is what the Internet is built on. Well, anonymous trolling, cat videos and this guy, but you get the point. If you don’t want you and your fat, pasty ass tree trunks to be subject to ridicule  don’t put yourself on a medium where potentially billions of people can see you. Simple as that. If you have a problem then contact a lawyer. The Law Offices of Haggan & Daz was founded specifically for chumbawumbas like you.

PS – Bleached hams? That’s fucking gold.