espnAndy Reid is preparing to coach elsewhere next season in case he is no longer with the Philadelphia Eagles, according to sources. He has been calling around the league, trying to put together a coaching staff, so that if and when he is let go in Philadelphia, he will be ready to resume coaching for another franchise next season. Some around the league have wondered whether Reid would be a fit back in California, where he grew up, but the San Diego Chargers are planning to go in other directions than Reid, according to league sources. Although he is not expected to be a candidate with the Chargers, he could wind up as a candidate in Jacksonville if the Jaguars fire Mike Mularkey or in Arizona if the Cardinals part ways with coach Ken Whisenhunt.

Today’s the day. It’s actually here. Ladies, gentlemen, and psychos with Birds tattoos — we are only hours away from Andy Reid’s final game as the Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

It’s been a long, long road. Remember that NFC Championship loss at home to the Bucs at the last football game ever played at the Vet? And that bullshit random NFC Championship beating the following year to JAKE DELHOMME and the Panthers? And losing the Super Bowl the year after that because our starting quarterback was too tired and barf-y to run a hurry-up offense? Those were good times, weren’t they? But it’s finally time for a new era.

I’m not sure whether we’ll be dealing with Coach Chip Kelly, Coach Mike McCoy, Coach Bill O’Brian, or any number of other possible candidates for Big Red’s old spot, I just know it’ll be refreshing to not start every interview with the same monotone injury lists and “time’s yours” grumblings. To have a coach who actually enjoys running the ball. To have our favorite team led by a man who understands clock management, defensive player development, and that an all-black onesie is not appropriate sideline attire.

We all respect Andy Reid’s record, composure, and unrelenting desire to win that championship. Our city could have done MUCH worse than having Fat Andy at the helm for the past 14 years. But things change and sometimes you wake up and the team is 4-11 with no quarterback prospects and it’s time to fire a guy.

A sincere thanks for everything, Andy. Now get out.