First of all let me first editorialize a bit and say that guaranteed every person in this report has said the n word at some point and meant it. Both little Courtneys included. I know first-hand the weird endless war going on between Camden and Gloucester City, and both sides are unapologetically racist and violent. Camden is the worst place on earth and Gloucester City is just the stubborn whites too broke or too stupid to leave. They have their own little India/Pakistan or Dominican Republic/Haiti rivalry going that’s as heartbreakingly sad as it is hilariously poor. *The More You Know*

Anyway, down to facts: this old man is full of shit. You didn’t recognize her because you hadn’t seen her “in a couple weeks” and because she got a haircut? That’s diddler talk. Not sure if you understand basic human physiology although you should since you’re like 200 years old, but homo sapiens don’t just drastically change into different little girls because of hair cuts and/or the time span of two weeks. That’s truly not enough time for evolution to take its course. So either you forgot how people work or you were trying to get that other little girl in your car. Or you’re blind, which means you shouldn’t be driving anybody’s children in the first place, ART.

PS – Change your last name, hun.