Two weeks ago:

huffpoIn the past few weeks, rumors about Daddy Yankee’s sexuality have been surfacing, though none of them have been consistent. One said he “came out” during a press conference and another said he was spotted in a gay club. Well DY has gone on record to officially clear the air, telling his fans that he is “100 percent straight.” Taking to Twitter, El Big Boss spoke openly and criticized those who believe everything they read on the web. “Once again, ignorance has come into play,” he said. “The internet is where lies become truths and the truth becomes myth.”


“I will not lie, or lie out of fear “” I am a human being like everyone else, with strengths and weaknesses, and do not think this is a defect, “says Daddy Yankee. Tolerance of diversity sought after Daddy Yankee press conference in which he accepts to be gay. Daddy Yankee a statement issued this day from gay nightclub called “The Cave of Pelekas” in which to refer to some compromising photos published yesterday, Daddy Yankee says he feels bad for not reporting earlier sexual preferences, “not before being able to share this with everyone. “

You just know there are fat Latin chicks with muffintops pouring over their white belt notches crying their eyes out over this. Personally — I had no idea the man was still alive. The idea that people continue to listen to Reggaeton in 2013 is a WAY bigger story to me than the fact that Daddy Yankee likes poles over holes.

Truth be told…I’d probably have more jokes and insight if all the news and Twitter talk about this wasn’t in Spanish. This whole story is just a reminder of how my New Years Resolution to learn Spanish is going: MUY MAL.