Had a long conversion that turned into a respectful argument concerning this very important topic. If you’re not familiar, Dancing Bear videos are where a masked man dances around naked and lets a bunch of women (sometimes at a “bachelorette party” or “office party”) suck him off. First, let’s clarify my take on things:

The chicks blowing people are paid. That’s the end of it. You can’t suck dicks on camera and not get paid. Pretty sure that’s in the Constitution. Never understood why prostitution is legal if you film it but whatever — it was the Founding Fathers’ decision. So in no way am I claiming that the girls hidden behind towels and fellating strange Spanish dude dong are just random girls with oral fixations and a zest for life. I’m not dumb.

On the other hand I DO believe that some in the background are real, everyday women. Not everybody in the videos are involved with the guys, and for the life of me I can’t understand why a company would pay extras to be crowd members when they could easily get them to simply sign a waiver. This is the part I think is real. Those fat Latinas are office workers who were brought there by their slutty/hopeful porn star friends.

But therein lies the disagreement. My rival in this discussion is convinced the entire thing is staged, where I believe only the sex acts are staged and the rest is just a bunch of awkward-but-freaky friends of friends clapping and chanting “suck that dick!” And even with the sex acts, just because a woman signs off to participate in a hands-on male strip club situation doesn’t make her a porn actress. Sex parties, sex clubs, and orgies exist so the whole idea doesn’t seem that far-fetched. All it takes is one simple signature and Carol from HR has a dick in her cheek. My point is: no way ALL of these chicks (especially those in the background) are porn stars.

That hefty broad in the last picture look like an aspiring porn star to you? Looks more to me like your everyday freak with nothing to do on a Saturday.

Digging deeper I found this very detailed answer claiming they did a tremendous amount of research and uncovered the truth and how it’s all fake and blah blah blah, but I’m skeptical of any and all information that wasn’t vetted. Especially since it’s just as easy to find another answer confirming what I believe, too.

Anyway, what do you think? Is anything about Dancing Bear real?

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