I’m not gonna comment too much on this one since there is absolutely nothing positive about it. Just an hour ago I told Louis that I wouldn’t post this on Barstool because it’s crazy depressing. For me, that is. Probably hilarious as shit to you. If I could I would take this video and lock it under the earth with the stipulation that it could only be viewed by future generations of blacks to shake their heads to in disgust. Or maybe I’ll just email it to Dr. Cornel West with the subject line “DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS”.

Fuck both these chicks and the dad and everybody else. At least we got a solid taze fall out of it.

One liners:

“you better BACK IT UP”
“shecanYELL shecanYELL”
“You gay!”

PS – R.I.P. Gay Guy With Tazer At 6PM