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desean tattoo

The “JACCPOT” isn’t the new tattoo — that’s been there for a while. The #NewInk is that California Angels of Los Angeles San Andreas Of Anaheim Angels “A” logo, making DeSean one of the few humans walking this earth with not one but TWO different MLB logos tatted on his person. The first, if you recall is a Washington Nationals “W” for “Westside” –

desean nationals


– Or maybe “Walgreens” depending on how often you frequent pharmacies. Makes me feel weird about not having any tattoos at all. It’s almost like not having tats is the new having tats. Or maybe that’s some cornball stuff I tell myself because I never liked anything enough to get it permanently implanted in my skin.

Also if you’re not checking in with DeSean’s instagram account at least every now and then you’re doing your life a disservice. It has everything from predictable NFL extravagance to Lil Terrio talking on a money phone to all the inspirational quotes you need to stay successful. #blessed

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