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jessealkireTeam uniforms in the NFL are, generally speaking, cluttered. Two, sometimes three distinct striping patterns appear on a single uniform. Color palettes are often inconsistent. Poor design, by modern standards, is considered hallowed and classic simply because of age and heritage. I set out to give every NFL team a more cohesive, simplified uniform set. Factors such as history, uniqueness, and brand integration helped to decide which particular uniform elements were ownable for each team and how that could help give them their own distinct look and feel.

Wanted to post the unis of every city on the Barstool empire so nobody felt left out. Even Trent out in Iowa. Wherever that is.

As always with these redesigns there are some hits and some misses. The Redskins — even though I like the updated helmets — would have to change their names immediately if they ever went out there in that racist getup. Really like what I see here from the Ravens, Pats, and Giants (minus the red alternates), but the Birds are the clear winners. If they had a vote to change the Eagles’ current design to this completely-stolen pseudo Oregon uniform right now I’d be 100% on board. The lettering, the colors, the winged shoulders, the Oregon helmet…love it all.

Jeff Lurie needs to stop dicking around and make the move. If the Bucs can okay these monsters, surely Philadelphia can get some Kelly green back into their lives.

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