ArbroathHope Holcomb, 10, is like any other young girl. She loves to play and to be outside. She also doesn’t let cerebral palsy slow her down. But she says she has been afraid to leave her home in East Sparta, which is South of Canton in Stark County, Ohio, because she says she is being bullied by her 9-year-old next door neighbour and his father. Hope’s grandmother shot video last week at the bus stop. In it you can see a boy and his father, William Bailey, walking slowly with a limp. “It started last year we had trouble on the bus, she was miserable she didn’t want to ride the bus, cried every morning,” said Tricia Knight, Hope’s mother. ”He treats her like crap, and most recently the dad got involved.” After watching the video, Hope’s parents, Tricia and Mike, felt they needed to bring the bullying situation to the public’s attention. “It makes me sick too, to think that a grown man would tease a 10-year-old disabled girl that has never done a thing to any of them for no reason, and now she doesn’t want to get on the bus to go to school,” said Mike Knight. The dad in the video, William Bailey, wouldn’t talk, but his wife Vickie says this is a fight between two families and they call each other names.

I’m probably opening myself up to some heat here, but to me this is the ultimate in funnynotfunny. This is definitely not funny because this poor girl just wants to be treated like everybody else as she deserves to be. She should be free to her life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, and these two assholes are infringing upon her liberty. She’s not free to go to school without being harassed by her neighbor and his grown-ass father? Despicable. Fuck both of them.

But then on the other hand I can’t stop myself my from laughing out loud when I see this dickish duo limping across the street. Not sure what it is in my 5th grade brain that immediately triggers chuckling but, shit, I chuckle. Funnynotfunny to the maximum levels.

If it’s any consolation — I hope this dad gets hit by a bus.