SunSentinelAfter a deputy pulled over a vehicle in DeBary for an expired tag on Friday afternoon, the lawman found drugs everywhere: Inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle, in the trunk, on the suspects, left behind in a patrol car — and even shoved inside a woman’s privates, according to a news release from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. The driver, 22-year-old Alyssa Ainsworth, was driving with a suspended license. During a search of the DeBary woman’s purse, the deputy discovered some meth. The deputy also found more meth in the jacket of one of the passengers, Ronald Stidd, 20, of Orange City. A female deputy who had been called to the scene reportedly noticed a container hanging out of Ainsworth’s private area, which also turned out to contain meth. The search then moved on to the trunk of the car, where deputies found all the makings of a mobile math lab, such as a plastic bottle, kerosene in a can, gasoline and an over-the-counter medicine commonly used to cook meth. Then, a deputy who had detained the duo in his patrol car, found a container with four prescription pills was left behind in his car. The pills were linked to the Ainsworth, who didn’t have a prescription for them, deputies said. After admitting that the meth-making equipment belonged to her, Ainsworth was charged with manufacture of meth, possession of meth, tampering with physical evidence and two additional drug charges for possession of the prescription pills. This is Ainsworth’s 5th booking this year in the Volusia County jail; and Stidd’s 5th booking within one year, according to inmate records.

Damn, I guess life got pretty rough for Frodo Baggins after he left the shire.

Congratulations, to Ronald Stidd for real. At only 20 years old the kid already has the most methed-out face in Florida, which pretty much puts him at #1 in the universe on the Meth Face Power Rankings. Very impressive.

Real talk for a second: can we drop the criminal charges for drug stuff yet, America? Obviously locking Ronald Methface up for the 6th time this year isn’t going to stop him from REALLY REALLY wanting to do more meth. There’s gotta be a better way to treat people then throwing them in a cell. And while it’s understood that the jail system is big business in this country and a major reason why our drug laws are the way they are, there’s gotta be a way to make money off of putting drug addicts in the proper treatment. Maybe an internet-only gameshow of some kind where we take meth and crackheads and have them do some Hole In The Wall / Wipeout shit for free rehab? Hell, they’d make more money with people texting in their votes or whatever. Much rather pay for that then for him to get raped with the sheet up in Cell Block 4.