DMA seven-year-old boy has been beaten to death by his stepfather and mother for not reading his Bible, authorities said. Markiece Palmer, 34, and Dina Palmer, 27, were charged with murder last week along with other counts of child abuse and neglect. Roderick Arrington, seven, was taken to University Medical Center in Las Vegas last Thursday unconscious and with brain swelling. He died the following day. Second-grader Roderick recently moved to Las Vegas from Illinois, where he had been living with his father and grandmother. Markiece Palmer told police he had spanked the child for lying about reading a Bible verse and failing to finish his homework. He said the boy then slipped and hit his head. The arrest report details extensive injuries, including bruising over Roderick’s whole body and open wounds on his buttocks, allegedly from being beaten with a belt. The police report also revealed that Roderick was violently shaken by his stepfather. Dina Palmer told police that she had repeatedly hit her son with a paddle and belt last month, what she described as ‘whoopins’. The couple admitted to police that they had regularly beaten the child for not reading the Bible or finishing his homework. The couple are being held without bail at the Clark County Detention Center and are due in court today. When the little boy was unresponsive last week, Dina Palmer called her pastor who advised her to dial 911.

I mean…WWJD, right?

Couple very important things to remember here. Firstly, never trust anybody with an off-shoot version of the name “Maurice”. The name is “Maurice”, not “Markiece” or anything else. Nobody who has ever held a hood-ified version of my name has ever gone on to do anything positive with their life. Philly already knows about Marreese Speights’ inconsistency playing basketball and consistency trying to “Free Boosie” and call out fat broads on Twitter. He acts that way because his parents named him wrong. Like I bet Maurkice Pouncey is probably out funding terrorism or punting kittens as we speak.

The other very important thing to remember, you know, besides that these people are monsters who don’t understand that a “whoopin” rarely includes violent shaking: call 911 FIRST.

“When the little boy was unresponsive last week, Dina Palmer called her pastor who advised her to dial 911.”

C’mon, Dina. I know you’re a heavy-prayin woman but I’m not so sure your Pastor is going to be able to heal your son from over the phone. Lord knows you don’t want to take him to the hospital with all of their blasphemous “science” and “modern medicine”, but sometimes Big J and his rich Caddy-driving pimp-suited Pastor henchmen can’t do it alone.