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What up Barstool? So last night I was watching the election results on CNN, they showed the “fans” celebrating in Chicago. Well first thing that popped out to me was this bro. Which leads me to ask. Does drinking a Four Loko at the presidential election get my nigga laid????


Four Loko: the best way to celebrate four more years.

Definitely laid. My dude came to party. This isn’t a game, this isn’t some freshman class Presidential election where a few Natty Lights would have done the trick — this is for the Commander in Chief of history’s most powerful country. Need an alcoholic beverage that’s appropriate for the moment, and that beverage is candy-flavored acid that’s killed multiple people.

Barstool Philly approves this message.

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PS – Sixers at Hornets at 8 tonight, I’ll be tweeting —> @tallmaurice
PPS – Is that a “HATERS” hat?