Yeah, it really happens in this video so if you’re not ready to see that kind of thing you should probably avoid hitting play. Just one of the most disgusting things that could possibly happen to you. And what’s up with these Temple kids’ logic here? Dude got drunk and broke the door so now he deserves to be plopped in the face by his boy’s dangling shit log? Seems like overkill. And I’m not even posting the 3 other clips these kids sent me of them peeing on him and hawking a loogie in his ear.

To me this doesn’t count as an April Fool’s joke, fellas. April Fool’s jokes are clever, funny, and have to have a little more thought involved than a simple squat and release. Like 2 years ago when I left a hastily written message on my kitchen counter for my neurotic roommate to find that said our landlord mentioned something about carbon monoxide and how I was staying somewhere else tonight. All it took was for me to ignore his phone calls and dude flipped out like I expected opening all the windows and calling poison control. THAT’S an April Fool’s joke. This shit is just mean. Literally.

The passed out homie is 100% in Kill Bill territory: he deserves his revenge.

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