william golladay

abcA Punta Gorda man was arrested Saturday after ramming a shopping cart into another man. According to a report, deputies responded to a disturbance call at the Walmart on Taylor Road around 6:30 p.m. A Walmart manager told deputies they escorted 77-year-old William Golladay out of the store after yelling and hitting another customer with a shopping cart. The 65-year-old victim was in a motorized shopping cart purchasing items in the express lane when he noticed Golladay counting his items as he placed them on the counter. When the number of items exceeded 20, Golladay began yelling at the victim saying he couldn’t use that register. The man attempted to ignore Golladay, but he persisted and moved closer to the victim’s face. That’s when the victim began yelling back. Golladay then went back to his metal shopping cart and intentionally pushed the shopping cart into the victim – injuring his elbow. Management saw the incident and escorted Golladay out of the store. Golladay came back attempting to walk towards the victim with both fists raised. Management again escorted Golladay out of the store. The store’s surveillance video captured the entire incident.

First of all charging a 77 year-old with “battering an elderly person” is ridiculous. Who else is he supposed to batter? He’s 12 years older than the “elderly person”! That’s the first thing.

Secondly, is there nobody in this world who stands up for what’s right anymore? Dr. Wheelchair Q. Surgeryknees had 22 items, the line was for 20 items or less. Now I haven’t taken a math class in a few years but something tells me Surgeryknees wasn’t in the right place. Not only that, but the only citizen brave enough to call this man out for his lane fraud ends up looking like the bad guy somehow. We live in a society — there are rules. If you don’t obey the rules you get attacked by Walmart Clint Eastwood. Simple as that.

Don’t lock up Golladay, lock up the people in Walmart too chicken shit to stand up for their own rights.