ArbroathA Brazilian city council candidate has been arrested after she was caught allegedly handing out cocaine with her election leaflets, according to reports. Carme Cristina Da Silva Lima, 32, was running for councillor of Itacoatiara, in Brazil’s northern state of Amazonas. Police became suspicious when they saw a crowd allegedly gathering around Ms Lima’s car on the morning of election day on Sunday. Officers searched her car and allegedly found hundreds of packets of cocaine attached to the candidate’s leaflets with instructions on how to vote for her. Police chief Daniel Ottoni said: “There was a large gathering of people around Ms Lima, but when they saw the police they all ran away. “The candidate and another man also fled by car but officers caught up with them. According to locals, she had been distributing the drugs since early in the morning, on condition that people vote for her.” Ms Lima was arrested for electoral corruption and drug dealing.

Can’t even begin to imagine how many of the Ten Crack Commandments this lady broke with her awful “free coke giveaway” political strategy.

Carme Cristina De Silva Lima, you got the name for the job but obviously lack the smarts. You had to know there was no chance in the world those crackheads would come back and vote for you based on a free gram from a couple weeks ago. That’s not how drugs work. Those people will be WAY too busy focusing on present-day cocaine needs. The past is the past for a cokehead.

Besides, why not just give the whole kilo to one of the local drug lords instead of this terrible Half Baked Mr. Nice Guy drug expansion strategy? Dude could have connected you to all the people necessary to win the election AND got your name and likeness on the baggies like LeBron James’ heroin.

THAT’S how you do drug publicity. Free cocaine, a smile, and a “Vote 4 Lima” card ain’t gonna get it done.