leyla aykin

sun-sentinelLast Thursday at 1:11 a.m., a Florida Highway Patrol trooper spotted a blue 2012 Ford Focus going 87 mph in a 70 mph zone on a stretch of I-75 near Naples, according to an arrest affidavit provided by Collier County Sheriff’s Office. As the driver, later identified as Leyla Denise Aykin, slowed down to 83 mph, the trooper wrote that she had her left foot and arm sticking out the window. Then, upon slowing down to 27 mph, Aykin took off a scarf and held it out the window before letting go of it, the arrest report stated. As the 27-year-old Orlando woman exited her car, she did a “wide stretch of her arms” and “appeared high” with a “lights on nobody home” look in her eyes, the trooper noted in his report. When the trooper then asked Aykin to place her hands on the rear of her car, she instead allegedly knelt down and said a Muslim prayer. The trooper also wrote in the report that Aykin told him that she “wanted to taste me and gaze through me.” When asked where she was heading, Aykin reportedly replied “to taste the ocean” before beginning to sing and chant a short time later. Finally the trooper inquired if there was anyone that she wanted authorities to contact on her bahalf. Her answer: “Jesus,” he wrote.

Zero percent chance this cop can actually verify that Leyla Aykin got down and performed a Muslim prayer. She could have knelt and literally spouted jibberish and the cop wouldn’t have known the difference. “Skippity Boppity blahbitty Muhammad.” He’s a Florida Highway Patrol cop. No way he can tell the difference.

But that’s not the point here. The point is that this chick beat the system. Blew a 0.00 and didn’t have any drugs or anything in her car. Yeah sure she chanted a few prayers and claimed to be personally tight with Jesus and offered to suck off a cop — doesn’t mean anything if you can’t prove she was DUI. Leyla – 1, Florida – 0.