DMA member of the Cleveland Browns grounds crew killed himself at their practice facility – the same day Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jvan Belcher committed suicide at Arrowhead Stadium. The Eric Eucker’s body was found Saturday morning at the facility in suburban Cleveland. Browns spokesman Neal Gulkis released a statement calling the man a good friend and an outstanding employee and saying the team’s heartfelt condolences go out to his family. ‘This is a terrible tragedy,’ the statement said. ‘He will be missed by everyone in the Cleveland Browns organization.’ The Browns play in Oakland against the Raiders on Sunday. A spokesman for the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner said they were called to the practice facility to investigate a suicide Saturday morning, but would not release any further details. Mr Eucker’s Facebook page said he was responsible for mowing the fields and painting the lines at the practice facility in Berea, Ohio, and Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Nobody’s got it worse than this guy. Talk about having your moment overshadowed.

I’m convinced that people don’t commit suicide for one of two reasons. One — they want to live. What can you say? Some people lack the desire to end their suffering. And two — because they would never get the chance to really know how people would react to their death. There’s a small part of us all that wants to know who would cry loudest at our funeral or not bother to show up or periodically pour malt liquor on the sidewalk in our remembrance, but once you cut your lights out there would be no way to find out.

Which makes me feel even worse for our friend here. You just know in his head he was thinking “Well, I’m DEFINITELY gonna make Sportscenter tonight! Wait til the sports world hears of a grounds employee taking his life AT THE FACILITY. Minds will be BLOWN!” Nope. Sorry, bro. Overshadowed in your life once again.

But hey, at least you made the Stool.