DMScott Hall was bitten by his neighbor Robert Oates during an altercation in the victim’s Norwalk, Ohio garage. They may not have recorded the hit song Maneater made popular by the band of the same name, Hall’s mugshot shows that he tried to recreate his own version. Hall, 40, was watching football in his garage with a friend when Oates, 48, drove to the home to confront him about a previous run-in with the law. Local site News Net 5 reports that Oates was upset because Hall refused to testify on his behalf for a different underage consumption complaint that he faces a sentencing for. The incident report states that Oates started running at Hall in a ‘bull rush’ style, proceeding to tackle him to the ground with the help of his friend Ronald Mantz who arrived with Oates. The Smoking Gun reports that Oates bit a piece of skin from the area above Hall’s left eye, and left him bleeding profusely. ‘It appeared as though the chunk of skin had almost been completely bit off,’ the police report reads. Oates and Mantz, who were allegedly intoxicated at the time of the Monday night altercation, then drove back to Oates’ home. When police arrived on the scene, the pair refused to leave and Oates had to be stunned with a Taser twice by police before he was handcuffed. Oates’ mugshot shows that his mouth is dark red, presumably dripping in Hall’s blood from the bite.

Blah blah blah MANEATER blah blah blah.

Kind of a shame they didn’t talk about SCOTT HALL more, since due to the former wrestler’s well publicized drug and alcohol problems there’s a 50% chance Oates here actually has a mouth full of Razor Ramon’s blood. Which, if Scott has been staying true to his alcoholic roots, probably has a higher proof than Kentucky moonshine.