ArbroathA Pennsylvania man was arrested on Monday after flashing his breast implants at fellow Walmart shoppers. Jeremy Owens, 23, was caught following the incident at the retailer in Lackawanna County. Owens was apprehended after he left the store and boarded a municipal bus, from which he had to be forcibly removed by police officers. After being cuffed and placed in a cruiser, Owens banged his head against the vehicle’s window, apparently cutting himself in the process. Which then allowed Owens to allegedly spit blood at officers. Owens, who calls himself “Jamie,” was jailed for aggravated assault, drug possession, and making terroristic threats. But apparently not indecent exposure.

So is Jeremy “Jamie” Owens a tranny or not? Because if he/she is a tranny then isn’t this report totally offensive by calling he/she a “him” instead of a “her”? Like does Jeremy walk around thinking of himself as a woman or is he just a regular guy who bangs chicks, talk sports, and just happens to have a decent set of cans and a girl’s jean jacket? Seems like NewsWatch16 should’ve looked into all of this before jumping to conclusions.

Also — who in Wal-Mart has a problem with a guy flashing his tits a little? They’re not even real tits! Grow up, America.