David Kissee

arbroathA 33-year-old man from Mandan, North Dakota , accidentally set himself on fire after a bizarre incident near a petrol station. Police say David Kissee was under the influence of meth and believed police had sprayed him with chemicals. Kissee thought his skin was burning. To take care of that feeling he poured petrol on himself. Kissee then decided to smoke a cigarette and inadvertently set himself on fire. The report says Kissee then ran through the carwash to put out the fire. A witness saw him steal a car and called police. Reports say he was driving as fast as 80-miles-per-hour through town. Kissee eventually ditched the car and entered a home. Officers found him at the bottom of the steps with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on much of his body.

All things considered — the meth, the delusions of a police chemical attack, the decision to pour gasoline on himself to cure the chemicals, the engulfing himself in flames after a spark from a cigarette lights the gasoline, the running through a car wash, the doing 80 in a residential in a stolen car, the B&E, and the 2nd & 3rd degree burn bottom-of-the-steps pass out — he doesn’t look that bad.

David Kissee could’ve just as easily been a DUI or a domestic violence arrest or in a fight at a little league game. Doesn’t look nearly as ragged as you’d expect a guy fresh off a methed-out GTA rage should look. Did he stop off while covered in gas and ashes to get a fresh wife beater and his goat lined up? ¬†Cleanest burn victim meth addict mugshot in the game.