ArbroathA New Mexico man is behind bars after putting up a long, hard fight against multiple officers and a stop sign. Police were called to the intersection of Main Street and West Deming in Roswell after someone saw the man in what they called an altercation with a stop sign. Police said when they approached Raymond Garcia, 45, he became belligerent and ran from officers. Two officers shot Garcia with Taser darts, but said he continued kicking at them as they got closer. When darted again, Garcia jumped up and broke off the Taser leads from his stomach. One officer tried to use his baton, but somehow Garcia got hold of it and tried to use it against the officers. At that point, police deployed pepper spray, but even that didn’t stop Garcia. Responding officers said he wiped the pepper spray off his face and continued running while throwing the officer’s baton at them.

Since Smitty and I accidently wrote blogs for the same story, I figure why let one go to waste? Vote on which one is better. Personally don’t feel like this was either of our best efforts, but hey — two for the price of one.


Fuck all the noise — I’m with you, Garcia. Stop signs. Think about what they symbolize for a second. Big red metal posts with ‘STOP’ written in bold white text, mocking our natural animal instincts with the arrogance of its demands. It’s a beaming octagonal example of our own inability to step out of the preconceived┬álanes of our lives; a red devil symbolizing the tight grip those in control have over our heavily policed, heavily medicated, and barely conscious masses. STOP, they say. STOP living. STOP dreaming. STOP doing lots of meth and running around shirtless wailing on city property in the middle of the day. I see what you see, Garcia. It’s all bullshit.

How dare they go on television and accuse you of drug use with zero evidence when you’re the only one who understands the big picture in that town? They’re all sheep, Garcia. Fight the power Chuck D 1989. Fuck those signs. Stay true to yourself.


In his defense, the stop sign had it coming for awhile now. You don’t just chill there on the corner in Raymond Garcia’s neighborhood acting all smug and telling people what to do without getting its dick kicked in out of respect. Regardless, Raymond Garcia can play on my team all day every day. Fighting the living and the inanimate objects with all heart and a dash of bath salts and no regard for his body. Seems like the type of guy I want in my corner if shit ever goes down.

These officers deserved to get their asses whipped. If you’re a cop and see a crazed man trying to beat the shit out of a traffic sign there are two plays and two plays only to resolve the situation: shoot him, or let him be. Anything in between spells disaster for everyone involved. And no shit no drugs were found on Raymond, they were all in Raymond.

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