It’s one thing to rob a house. It’s another to kidnap someone. And it’s quite another for you and your buddies to kidnap, beat, and sodomize 3 dudes for 9 straight hours while stealing their stuff. I don’t even think Jesus forgives that shit.

Just imagine how hard it was for these guys (zing!) to admit that they were even raped in the first place. I’m sure the cops showed up with these dudes tied up to chairs with their pants around their ankles trying to get answers.

“Did anything else happen while they were here?”
“Naw…naw. They just…you know…took some stuff.”
“Would you mind telling me why you’re all bottomless and bleeding?”
“Uh…that’s just how our family deals with grief.”
“So you’re telling me all three of you are bleeding from the anus and crying because of the grief?”
“That’s right, officer. We loved that stereo.”