Lloyd Russell Allen

floriduhLloyd Russell Allen, is accused of exposing his junk to a kid under the age of 16 inside a Walmart in Gulf Breeze, according to a news release from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s office. The kid noticed a man in the same aisle who was holding a shirt over his pants. Allen then moved the shirt over to expose his genitals — twice –underneath a pair of “white translucent shorts,” according to the Sheriff’s Office. The kid saw right through his lewd conduct and told his mom. Allen, who is a registered Sex Predator, was charged with Lewd behavior. deputies said. He is currently in the Santa Rosa County Jail and is being held on $100,000.00 bond.

Of all the people to get jammed up in Florida they get Lloyd Russell Allen. Don’t get it. There’s enough reasonable doubt here to believe that an innocent man may be in jail. And for what? For being fashionable?

Was Rihanna arrested for wearing nothing but mesh and weave last week in London?

rihanna mesh

Or Anne Hathaway for wearing a see-through top?

ah sheer

Or any number of celebrities who’ve worn sheer clothing? No, because the system is crooked. It’s okay for a woman to have her titties fully visible and a lip hanging out but the second a high-fashion fellow like Lloyd Russell Allen steps into Walmart it’s code red diddler alert. Unfair.