ArbroathA mother has been arrested in Albany, New York, after police say she exposed herself to children at an elementary school. Police say it happened at around 10:30am on Friday at the North Albany Academy. Officers say Aydrea Meaders, 24, got on stage during an assembly in the school’s cafeteria and began to dance. They say, while on the stage, she then partially disrobed in front of students. School staff quickly responded and the assembly was immediately dismissed. “We encouraged parents to participate at the events at school. We want more parents to be engaged at school and obviously this is something that goes without saying that crossed a line and it was shocking to everyone who was there today,” said Albany School District Spokesman Ron Lesko.

It really is time we start being more up front with these kids. Can’t fault Cross-Eyed Female Frank Gore here for giving the children a realistic glimpse of their future — a lot of those little girls are only a few years away from having little girls of their own. SOMEBODY around here has to do the duty of preparing these kids for the real world. Climbing under the parachute in gym is fun now, but it doesn’t pay the rent like climbing out of your blouse. No doubt those kids learned more from Andrea’s raw titty than they could from any boring lecture on George Washington Carver’s nuts.

 ”Her boob was floppin’”