floriDUHA group of Muslims was detained Wednesday at Orlando Sanford International Airport, apparently because Members of the group were lingering in the bathroom after asking for a cup of water, thus arousing suspicion, according to an Orlando Airport director, reports the Orlando Sentinel. Muhammad Musri, president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, told the Orlando Sentinel that devout Muslims customarily clean their private parts with water after using the restroom,a procedure known as istinja, and that is likely what members of the group were doing.

That’s not fair, Muslims. Not even in the slightest. What do you expect us to think? Secret cup of water? Lingering in the bathroom for far too long? Oh, he must just be customarily cleaning his genitals as per the sacred ritual of Istinja. C’mon, Muslims. Help us out. You know you look how you look and you know we think what we think. You got ancient genital-cleaning traditions you must abide by?  Hey — no problem.  Just maybe next time gave a dude on the plane a heads-up about your penis water cup ceremony and everybody else stuck 35,000 feet up inside a tiny metal coffin wouldn’t think the worst. No racism intended.  Just help us help you.