ArbroathThe driver of a bus in northern Vietnam has been arrested after he drove more than a kilometre in Hanoi on Monday with a police officer, who tried to pull him up for breaking road rules, clinging precariously to the bus’ windshield wipers. Lieutenant Nguyen Manh Phan of the Ba Vi District traffic police division ordered Phung Hong Phuong, 37, who was driving a 39-seat bus, to pull over. Phuong then refused to produce his papers, rushed back to the bus, and tried to drive away. In an effort to stop him, Phan jumped on to the bus, and clutched the wipers. But this did not cause Phuong to stop and he continued to drive. Phuong drove for more than a kilometre before he stopped, realizing that other officers and many bystanders were chasing after him. He later told the police that he fled because he was afraid of being fined for encroaching on the wrong side of the road. He confessed he was once convicted of fatally running over a person in the southern province of Dong Nai, and served a four-year jail term until 2010.

I just don’t understand why this cop is all up in this man’s kitchen. Driving on the left side of the road, driving on the right side of the road…what does it matter when the streets are filled with highway murderers? Phuong only got four years for vehicular homicide, I can’t even begin to imagine how many killers are out there on the Vietnamese streets whipping Model T buses and Dumb & Dumber motorbikes that run on dirt and noodles. Might as well just let the man drive on whatever side he likes and just be ready to clean up the mess afterwards. Could save yourself some time.