ArbroathPolice in Orlando, Florida, say a woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend used a cat to fight off a police K-9 on Monday. Police said they were called to Danton Avenue at about 12:30 on Monday morning for a report of a man who said his girlfriend attacked him with two knives. The victim told police that his girlfriend of six years, Lisa Frink, 46, was off her medication and behaving erratically. He told police they got into an argument over an EBT card and Frink grabbed two knives from the kitchen and swung the knives at him. He tried to fight her off with a chair, he said, but she was able to cut him in the neck and face. After the attack, Frink ran out of the house and hid in a shed, according to police. Officers responded to the area but she refused to exit or show her hands, police said. When a police K-9 was ordered to apprehend Frink, police said she picked up a cat inside the shed and shoved it in the K-9′s face, police said. Police said Frink then pushed an officer into the wall and began swinging a concrete rake at officers. Police sprayed a chemical into her eyes and handcuffed her. Police charged her with attempted murder, aggravated battery, battery on a law enforcement officer, injuring a police animal, three counts of resisting an officer without violence and two counts of resisting an officer with violence.

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