floriDUHTwo days after Christmas, at 1:30 a.m., Fire/Rescue transported a 9-year-old to a hospital who had been convulsing, seizing and, at times, losing consciousness. Tests at the hospital revealed there was cocaine in the child’s system, according to a news release from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office. At the hospital the child told detectives that Kimberly Losurdo, another member of the household, had been seen snorting, ingesting and smoking drugs. The child then found a “rock like’ substance in the bathroom and swallowed it, according to the release. Later investigators tested two other children who also had been living in the Spring Hill home. The 11-year-old also reportedly tested positive to cocaine. The 11-year-old told detectives that a pill/candy-looking substance had been found on a dresser and the child had eaten it, according to a second press release. Fortunately, this child did not show the “extreme signs” of the other child, who is expected to make a full recovery, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Losurdo, 45, has been charged with two counts of child abuse. This arrest marks Losurdo’s 5th booking into Hernando County Jail, according to inmate records.

How old is 11 years old — 5th grade? These cops are expecting me to believe a 5th grader whose been living under the same roof as a crackhead his entire life doesn’t know what a crack rock looks like? Hogwash! He knew damn well that wasn’t candy. So the questions the cops have gotta be asking here is: why would a 5th grade kid eat a rock of cocaine on purpose? I smell a setup.

Maybe the 9 year-old didn’t know he was eating crack, but that 11 year-old definitely knew he was taking the first steps towards getting his moms incarcerated. I’m not saying that it’s right for this catchers mitt-faced woman to leave her Tyrone Biggums Scooby snacks all around the house for her kids to pick and pop like gum, but there’s definitely more to this story than losing her most valuable possession in the world in the mouths of a couple ratty kids. Crackhead Kimberly got set up. ¬†And would’ve gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling, extremely high kids.

PS – Kinda looks like an old Brad Pitt to me.