DMAn Alabama man convicted of having sex with his mother is missing after he failed to show up to a sentencing hearing. Police in Marshall County, Alabama are searching for Gary Dean Helms Jr., 25, who is facing a prison sentence of up to 10 years for charges of incest, to which he pleaded guilty last year. He was initially charged with rape in the incident, which happened in 2006. Police said at the time that Helms forcibly raped his mother, Vickie Helms, while she was intoxicated and passed out on the couch of their trailer park home. Police reports indicated that Helms, who was 19 at the time, raped his mother in retaliation against his brother for a fight over a girl. But Helms’ mother later said the sex was consensual and that she forgave her son. Helms was indicted in 2007 but the case was complicated by his mother’s refusal to show up to testify in court. At one point, authorities arrested Helms’ mother in order to ensure she would be available to testify, according to prosecutors.

Alabama been getting that Oedipussy since WAY back.

Although I suppose even in Alabama, there are some court cases you can deal with and some you gotta run away from. Mom rape charges? Latter category.

Really wish we knew who was telling the truth, though. Did he really retaliate-rape his own mother to get his brother back for banging his girlfriend…or did the mom make up the rape story as a cover for her weird son seduction? I’d say only God knows but I bet even he turned away from that gross moment in history.

Note to self:
Meth, bath salts, firearms, underground midget league football gambling = Florida.
On the lam for banging your mom = Alabama.