FloriDUHEddie Gonzalez is the first candidate in Florida to be named for a website, as well as Twitter handle, @VoteForEddie.com, reports The Miami Herald. With very limited campaign funds and up against a popular incumbent, Eddie Gonzalez legally changed his name to “VoteForEddie.com” and then petitioned a Miami-Dade judge to have his new name on the ballot, according to The Herald.

Youtube Description

I am VoteForEddie.Com an Independent candidate for U.S. House of Representatives District 25 in South Florida. I am asking if you like my idea (or just hate the current bunch of politicians) that you will donate at least $1 to my campaign. If a million people do that I will have the opportunity to change the political games played in Washington forever. I am running on a platform of “New Energy, New Ideas”. My main issue’s are securing energy independence through a renewable energy only initiative and a tax cut for teachers, emergency responders and the armed forces.

Does anyone else see the terrible logic here? His name is now “VoteforEddie.com” — not “Eddie”. You better pray you never go against somebody named Eddie. If you wanted people to vote for you, you should have changed your website to “VoteForVoteForEddieDotCom.com”. Or changed your name to just “Eddie”. Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense.

Use your brain next time, VoteForEddie.com.