dog car harness

ArbroathA first-of-its-kind crash test for dog car harnesses widely used by US pet owners showed that none offer adequate protection, with not a single harness passing the test. The non-profit Center for Pet Safety (CPS) said during its harness tests, crash-test dog dummies turned into projectiles and were even decapitated. “We tested them to the child safety restraint standard and we experienced a 100-percent failure rate to protect either the consumer or the dog,” said CPS founder and CEO Lindsey Wolko. “That is a very real concern for consumers.” The Center for Pet Safety would not disclose which harnesses they tested out of fear even fewer people will secure their pets. Wolko said that, while some manufactures do claim to do their own testing, there is no government standard, which creates unregulated industry that can be dangerous for drivers.

Maybe the decapitated dogs are a bit of a concern for folks who’ve spent $55 or so on car harnesses, but let’s not start freaking out just yet. It’s unregulated industries like this one that keep America moving forward. Businesses can’t continue getting bogged down by government regulation and intervention and confusing will-this-device-chop-off-my-dog’s-head mumbo jumbo. It’s their job to make money and all these rules do is slow that process. Either you get on the unregulated dog harness bandwagon or you’re a socialist who hates American businesses and wants families to starve. Up to you.