I contend that from a fan’s perspective it’s near impossible to hate Doug Collins. From a fan’s perspective. If you’re Evan Turner and lose ten lifetime’s worth of money because Doug refuses to take the ball out of Jrue’s hands this year then maybe you have a case. But to us the man is adorable. He’s at that crossroads in his life between middle age and old age where he’s half stressed-out basketball coach and half grandfather.

And what a jump for Lavoy, huh? Went from being literally voted the worst player in the league to being named opening day starter the very next year. FAR better player than he’s given credit for. Strength, fearlessness, rebounding, and a decent mid-range jumper has helped the second-rounder leapfrog more well-known (and better paid) options on the team. Sorry, Spence.

Our Philly sales guy Louis told me Bill Simmons said the Sixers wouldn’t get 35 wins if Bynum sat out all year and I almost choked on the stupidity of that statement. Lavoy Allen and Thad Young aren’t bad on the front line. They only are if you’re watching names instead of watching games.