It was easy to spot last year. Doug Collins on the sideline all yelled out by the early 4th quarter, sitting there with his head in his hand looking like a diagram for early stroke warnings. Whether it was Lou Will taking a bad contested fadeaway or Evan Turner breathing too loud you could see the frustration and pain on Doug’s face every night.

Yet things have changed lately. After putting up a pathetic performance against the Pacers last night, instead of looking like he’s about to clutch his chest Red Fox style, he had this weird psychotic glimmer in his eye. Cracking jokes about the man-to-man defense looking so bad that people thought it was zone. Smiling broadly when asked about the team’s deficiencies. It’s fucking freaky. Doug Collins is 100% going insane.

His start to last night’s press conference: “I really don’t even know what to say so why don’t you fire some questions at me maybe you could help me out.”

It could be his final “fuck it” after feeling screwed by the schedule (historically long home & away stretches) or by injuries or even by front office decisions, but whatever it is it’s scary to watch. You heard it here first Doug Collins is gonna snap on somebody if this All-Star break doesn’t come fast enough.