Top Five talk at the ESPN First Take Debate Desk starts at about 8:30, where  DJacc AKA Mr. Diamonds On His Neck said the following:

Stephen A. Smith: You have some people that have said they’ve got the Philadelphia Eagles being last place in the NFC East. What are your thoughts about that?”

DeSean Jackson: That’s discouraging, honestly. The Philadelphia Eagles we’re still a Top 5 team in the NFL if you ask me so regardless of what everybody else say we’re gonna go out there and get it done this year.

Stephen A: You said top 5 team in the NFL?

DeSean: Top 5. I said it. I said top 5. Ya’ll could keep us at 28th or– I’ma say it with my chest sticking out and everything.”

Skip Bayless: In the NFL?

DeSean: Top 5 in the NFL.

Skip: That means you could win the NFC?

DeSean: In a year we should be able to, you know?

facepalm bad

Not really his fault since Skip and Stephen A. Hairline pushed him into answering that way, but Jaccpot’s gotta know better than to say anything about expectations concerning the next season. No excuse for it.

Bigger than claiming a 4-12 team is top five in the league, though, might be DeSean’s take on why Mike Vick has played so poorly the last couple of years (starts around 5:14). In the video DeSean talks about how it’s Vick’s natural instincts to run when he gets in danger, and said that coaches (Andy Reid/Marty Mornhinweg) tried to alter his natural instincts by making him a pocket passer. This is probably a big reason why the team was fractured last year and why Andy is no longer coaching the Birds.

Vick’s brain when under pressure has always said “run” and that worked for a long time. But after getting handed the starting job the Eagles’ coaches told him to stay in the pocket when things break down, thus changing Michael’s thought process from “Shit I better run” to “Shit I better run–NO WAIT stay here and throw it. BUT THERE’S A LANE RIGHT THERE–no! Look for the open–” and then came the sack or interception. If Chip Kelly successfully simplifies the offense and doesn’t try to turn Michael Vick into something he isn’t, there’s no reason why he can’t improve.

TOP 5!