Ah, Shoenice. The Internet’s retarded child that should’ve been aborted during pregnancy. I know, these chugging and eating videos are about as hip as somebody coming out with a new ‘Call Me Maybe’ parody or unironically becoming a Mets fan, but gotta give respect where respect is due. If he survived, this is pretty legit. If he dies, he dies. There hasn’t been any proof of Shoenice dying other than the fact that his esophagus and lining of his stomach might as well have come in contact with a liter of a fifth of Sulfuric Acid, so for the sake of this blog we’ll just say that this is the last video he’s going to be in until somebody films a stranger shitting into the mouth of his corpse. Nevertheless, you gotta give him credit. Don’t think anybody but Shoenice has killed enough brain cells already to willingly chug a bottle of grain alcohol for the fuck of it.

Except of course for those who reside within doucebag city limits:

PS – Fuck Electric Lemonade, here are instructions to make “God’s Piss” – Throw a bottle of Everclear, a 30 pack of Natty Ice, a container of Country Time Lemonade Mix, a pound of ice and a percentage of your soul into a Gatorade water jug and understand that you don’t know where you’re going to be going that night but just know that when you get there you won’t be wearing any pants.