Not even going to make the obvious joke. As a black guy with something like a 9″ vertical I have zero space to make fun of anyone else for their lack of hops. For instance my attempt at this dunk would have pretty much just been me running full-steam into the basketball rack. Yet somehow I can still laugh at this guy. Why? Because #1 it’s on the internet and it’s not me so it’s funny. But the main reason is because this looks like an event at a camp or something where laughing at the guy isn’t allowed, making the stench from his failure dunk linger in the gym much longer than it should. If this were in the park or friend’s driveway everyone would laugh and it would be okay. But this guy now has to collect himself and the small pieces of his dignity and try to make it seem like it wasn’t that big of a deal. Probably still has to give it 2 more pathetic attempts. Sorry, bruh — it was a big deal. You fucked yourself up pretty good on that ball rack. Walk it off and buy some ankle weights.