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royce reed tweet 8 baby mamas

BSOThere had been rumors there were more baby mamas floating around, but could never be confirmed. Dwight is better at hiding his Baby mamas than navigating free agency. The only one who he publicly acknowledges is former Basketball Wives star and Magic dancer Royce Reed. The only reason he has done that is because he has sued her several times. She was the 1st and her son is the oldest of Dwight’s children. She was the one who let the cat out of the bag about Vest being the latest in line to produce another Little Howard. She also provided the names of the other six baby mamas via Twitter, which would bring the grand total up to 8. Dwight’s oldest was born in November of 2007. So in a span of a little less than 6 years, he has fathered 8 children if you are to believe Royce Reed.

Dwight Howard is an enigma. An indecisive, extremely talented, highly religious guy with a billion secret kids and a seething hatred for contraception. Does anybody on the planet know what this dude is about? Works like a madman in the gym to sculpt himself one of the best bodies in the NBA, yet can’t muster enough desire to push himself toward an NBA title. I don’t get him. Not even a little. Eight kids by eight moms in six years? I’d expect that from like guys who look like assholes like Super Cool Beas or Monta Ellis. But not Dwight Howard. Shit doesn’t even make any sense.

Pull out, Superman.