What we learned: The Opposite of Last Year, Juan Castillo is a MexAmerican Genius, EatDatPussy445 Celebrates With Pizza, Hitting On Draft Picks, What Is Rouging The Passer?, Dickhead Fantasy Move Of The Week, DeMeco Ryans Is A Man, Not Down On Nnamdi, Brent Celek, & Kolb’s Revenge.

The Opposite of Last Year – You’re going to read a lot about this so it at least deserves a mention: the Eagles are doing the opposite of what they did last year. That is, they’re winning games late that they would have given away 12 months ago. Yes, it’s only two games. But two 80+ yard game-winning touchdown drives and huge defensive stands aren’t coincidence.  Did you see DeSean hold onto that deep ball knowing Ed Reed was coming for his head?  Not a chance he even tries to catch that last year.

Juan Castillo is a MexAmerican Genius – Everyone (including myself) who ever talked ill of Juan should feel dumb as hell right about now. All the man needed was another year of seasoning (and two new starting linebackers and additional defensive line help) and here he has what I believe to be the best defense in the league. Yeah I said it. I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt this confident in the Birds’ D. Their line gets PRESSURE. Brandon Graham was on Flacco’s ass so much he probably should’ve worn a condom. Juan’s got all three levels working in sync. Statistically they’re top 5, but they’re #1 to me.

EatDatPussy445 Celebrates With Pizza -

From his video yesterday.

Hitting on Draft Picks – I said it when it happened and nobody really believed me, but Howie Roseman took the 2012 NFL draft behind the middle school and got it pregnant. Don’t believe me? Just look at some of the upgrades they hauled in this year:

Fletcher Cox, DT – Potential Pro Bowler
Mychal Kendricks, LB – Potential Pro Bowler
Vinny Curry, DE – Rotation Lineman
Nick Foles, QB – Next Tom Brady greatest QB ever
Brandon Boykin, CB – starting big-play nickel CB
Bryce Brown, RB – Impressive backup back
Damaris Johnson, WR – Kick/punt returner and 4th WR

Sure enough the Birds have completely whiffed on recent selections like Jaiquawn Jarrett and Daniel Teo’Notgonnaworkhereanymore, but if they picked up 5-7 real contributors and a couple stars in a single draft that’s considered a tremendous success.

What is Roughing The Passer? – I tweeted BGN yesterday about creating some kind of non-porn compilation of all of the late hits Michael Vick takes that aren’t called for roughing the passer vs. some for other QBs that are called. It would be eye-opening to say the least. Vick takes hits no quarterback should have to take after he throws the ball, and I’m sick of people saying it’s because of his “style of play”. No, it’s because of the NFL’s style of refereeing. He’s typically in the pocket like anybody else. Throw the hanky, ref.

Dickhead Fantasy Move of the Week – Who dropped Brent Celek to pick up Dennis Pitta this week? [Raises hand]. Went 0-for this week in imaginary football.

DeMeco Ryans Is A Man – His impact can’t be overstated, and I’m not just talking about his interception. If you read some of the reports coming out from this game about DeMeco screaming “This is the play!” before every down during that final Ravens push to rally the troops and of his intensity in cruchtime you’ll recognize his value. This time last year Casey Matthews was our starting MLB. Casey Matthews. Health permitting, this defense has the potential to be scary good.

Not Down On Nnamdi – People are always going to be harder on Nnamdi because of his name and the number on his paycheck, but the guy is still one of the best cover corners in the league. It’s a great thing that the Birds are playing more one-on-one on the outside these days than off like they did in the Jim Johnson/Asante Samuel days. They may not get as many picks on the quick stants, and yeah they may get beat every now and then, but for the most part receivers are getting shut down. The smarter teams and coaches will test Nnamdi over DRC since they’ll see that DRC is playing better ball right now, but that’s still not a choice any coach will be happy to make.

Brent Celek -

Really. 8 catches, 157 yards.

Kolb’s Revenge – Next week the Eagles face their second bird opponent in as many weeks by rolling into AZ to play the newly-resurgent Cardinals. The Cardinals are one of only five undefeated 2-0 teams, so someone is getting their first L. Arizona did beat the Patriots this week…but that doesn’t mean a damned thing. Kolb sucks. Andy Reid is going to kill him.