ESPNThe Philadelphia Eagles began the day with a 7:10 am ET announcement that they’d relieved defensive line coach Jim Washburn of his duties with four games left in his second season on the job. Odd timing, both today and in the greater scheme of things, and it obviously makes you think there’s something behind the move other than trying to make the team play better over the season’s final four games. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Washburn’s “act had gotten tired”: Washburn had become a “cancer” around the team, according to one Eagles source, the situation becoming worse when defensive end Jason Babin was released last week. And Reuben Frank of reported via Twitter that Washburn had become “disruptive and difficult,” and that things had worsened last week after the release of Babin, who was something of a pet project for Washburn. So there’s your answer to “What’s the point of doing something like this now?” If a guy’s disruptive and difficult, a guy can get fired. In any line of work. Things are ugly and tense enough around the 3-9 Eagles these days without everybody having to worry whether the defensive line coach is going to pitch a fit about roster decisions.

Hell yeah the guy who is responsible for starting Jason Babin over Brandon Graham for all these weeks should be fired — on that alone, really. Sure he deserves to be fired for implementing a ridiculous wide 9 technique that left our LBs vulnerable to the run in the first year and didn’t work at all in the second, but staying willfully blind to the fact that BGeezy is a better pass rusher than Jason Babin and his absurd tribal tats is a firable offense.

Keep ‘em coming, Jeff. One at a time to the buzzsaw.