PhiladelphiaEagles.comMichael Vick will be back in Philadelphia after the Eagles announced Monday that the team and Vick have agreed to a restructured contract. After several meetings over the last few weeks between Vick and head coach Chip Kelly, the two sides decided that the best interests of both parties will best be served together. Like every other player on the Eagles roster, Vick will compete for a role on the team in 2013. Kelly is also excited about the future of second-year quarterback Nick Foles, who supplanted Vick as the starter in the second half of the 2012 season after Vick was sidelined by a concussion. It is also possible that additional depth at the quarterback position will be added later in free agency, in the draft or via trade. Monday’s move does not preclude adding to the competition for the starting role, nor does it guarantee any starting jobs.

A lot of the Philly media people are upset about this for whatever reason, although I’d like to see them find an alternate strategy. This Chip “Charlie” Kelly regime isn’t going to just be all milksteaks and jelly beans from day 1. It’s gonna take some time to get the players he needs to succeed. Mike Vick is a one-year stop gap that buys the Birds a competent starter until they can trade for / draft one later. Not particularly controversial nor hard to understand.

For all the my talk that Chip’s system will be different than what he ran at Oregon and how he builds each offense specifically tailored for his players, the guy obviously still loves to have speed at the QB position. And since Nick Foles isn’t Tom Brady (although they wear similar footwear) there’s no reason to force a young plodding signal caller out there week 1 that you have no intentions on keeping. Besides, in the event Chip actually loves Foles and wants to use him going forward, Mike Vick’s presence at the very least gives Big Balls another option on offense. Get it? Option? You love it.

The true value of this move will be determined by how much the Eagles saved in the restructure process and how well Vick fits into Kelly’s system. Until then, just be happy the team isn’t banking solely on Nick Foles / Trent Edwards for 2013.

PS – I see you pulling the big story, Bo Wulf. I see you.