You might’ve seen this on Boston and NYC the last couple of weeks, and now it’s Philly’s turn. KFC and Pres don’t know WHAT the hell they’re doing picking NBA fantasy teams, so I guess it’s time I restore some sanity to this whole thing.

Rules are easy: Sign up FOR FREE, pick 9 players (while keeping your team under the $65k salary cap), and if your team has the best fantasy score among the Stoolies after Friday’s games you win the money.  Simple.  Just a shame I’m probably going to win the money and ruin this for everybody, but you’re all certainly welcome to try.

Real talk for a second: I won $225 my first time playing while just trying it out. Cash went right into my Paypal. Might’ve literally been the easiest money I ever earned:

So SIGN UP HERE FOR FREE and maybe you’ll get lucky as hell like I did show off your fantasy genius like I did. I’ll post my team tomorrow. VIVA LA STOOL!