Here’s the reality: the rapist is in jail for 400 years and the coach that allowed these atrocities is dead. That’s about as clear of an ending as you can get. This whole Penn State saga feels like a movie that ran 45 minutes too long.

I understand the draw and the intrigue people have because it’s a famous institution and a storied football program, but at what point does the coverage go overboard? There are local sites that were dropping hourly updates on this shit like it’s actual sports news. It’s not. It’s scandal. Why should I have to slug through 20 Penn State diddler stories just to get the USA exhibition box score or find out who the Phils play tonight? I shouldn’t is the answer.

All this back-and-fourth about JoePa is a joke. He lied and let a little boy fucker fuck boys in the school shower. He also coached his ass off and made Penn State one of the most famous college sports destinations in the country. Is it THAT hard for people to accept both of these things? Nobody is all good or all bad. I’m sure Sandusky’s charity actually helped a lot of the kids he didn’t get to assrape. But because people are so intent on playing to extremes and labeling others I bet some folks would be pissed to even hear that brought up.

Maybe it’s me — I’m not a trial guy. Didn’t care about Casey Anthony, didn’t care about Michael Jackson’s doctor, and I’m past the point of caring about this. Maybe Penn State football is cancelled next year and maybe it’s not. Maybe they’ll remove Joe Paterno’s statue and maybe they won’t.  Maybe others will get charged for lying and maybe they won’t.  Wake me up when all that shit’s decided.