If David Murphy’s report that the Phillies’ local television ratings plummeted by 39 percent this season is correct, then you probably didn’t catch last night’s 4-2 loss to the Nationals. Hell, I know I didn’t catch it. The push for 82 wins to avoid their first losing season since 2003 is captivating shit and all, but I just couldn’t find the time to tune in. So while I know essentially nothing about what happened last night, nor do I particularly even care at this point, I did see in the box score that rookie Darin Ruf popped two home runs and raised his average to an impressive .355 during his September cameo.

Ruf has shown the raw power and swing that made him the minor league home run king. His.774 slugging percentage is a testament to that. In the fourth, Ruf got out in front of a Tom Gorzelanny pitch and still blasted it an 357 feet over the left field wall. He followed that with an even more impressive 398-foot shot on an 0-2 pitch from Nats’ reliever Tyler Clippard.

I know it’s a small sample size and all, and I don’t want to make hasty judgments, but I’m totally going to do it here. I can pretty much say with complete certainty that Darin Ruf is the tits. And that he’s way also way better than Domonic Brown. Like it’s not even close. Ruf has only two fewer home runs than Brown despite 154 less plate appearances. I’m not saying that Brown sucks or anything (but I have before), but Ruf is the future. The Phillies need more pop in the outfield next season and I guess it’s possible that both Ruf and Brown anchor the outfield next season, but they probably won’t if the Phillies don’t want to get knocked out of the division race in mid-May. And if one of these guys is going to play next season it better be Ruf. Fuck “tools” and “potential”, I just want a big mother fucker that can get up there and kill a baseball. And I’m totally sure Ruf can do that. 31 at-bats and 11 games is all I needed to see.

PS- Dude already has another RBI this afternoon. Could totally see another triple crown in baseball next season.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Okay Nationals that’s actually kinda funny.