Ugh. I mean, it’s not as if we should be surprised. This is a match made in television hell. Only a network owned by Lord Satan Disney would pull off such a combination. Sunday NFL Countdown — the second-most hilariously awful hour of NFL programming on the planet — just hired a one-trick pony comedy act to fill time on their show. Not to say that Caliendo isn’t talented at that one thing, it’s just a tired act that’s better suited for radio or podcasts than Sunday mornings with dude in John Madden makeup telling me why he likes the Rams this week. We don’t need it.

Plus, ESPN, why are you pairing this man with Berman? Everybody on that show is like 200 years old — why not go with something fresh? This is Berman’s whole act:

Berman: Burrrbuhbuhmublegrumble umm so, THE BEARS! They’re hosting uhhh the Vikings this week and my shirt sleeves under my blazer go BACK BACK BACK– they’re shorter than [obscure cultural reference nobody under 60 understands].
Tom Jackson: [Nervous laughter]

That’s it. Now you’re adding Caliendo? Somewhere Rich Eisen is laughing more hair off.