BSOI don’t watch ESPN 1st Take and this is the main reason why. RG3 escapes a significant knee injury and is trying to play on Sunday in a game that the Redskins desperately need to keep their playoff hopes alive. In a normal person’s mind their thought process would be how will RG3 performs on his bad leg. Will he be able to run the type of offense that the Redskins usually run or will there be limitations. But, on ESPN 1st Take they rather spend time questioning his blackness. Parker states that he can’t tell if RG3 is a brother or cornball brother because A- he has a white fiancee and B- he might be Republican. If that wasn’t stupid enough, he goes on to say that RG3′s braids add to his blackness “authenticity”. What does any of this have to do with RG3 playing on a bad knee on Sunday? Parker tried to clean it up and say this is what people talk about in the barbershop, but that is BS and he knows it.

This baffles me in so many ways, the most obvious being that Rob Parker is literally the biggest cornball brother in sports broadcasting today. Like this dude goes on national TV daily looking like garbage and saying nothing of importance and now he has the balls to call RGIII a “cornball brother” because he has a white girl and maybe votes republican? Rob — get a haircut from somewhere besides the blind kid barber school and meet me at the next paragraph.

Hey, Rob, let me bring something to your attention: everybody has a white girl. Everybody. Even the players married to black women have a white girl somewhere. So what the fuck are you talking about? His braids give him “authenticity”? The fuck do you get the nerve to think you have the right to speak about being authentic? You’re like Toure for retarded people. Race-baiting without any substance. And fix your fugly face while you’re at it.

“This is what people talk about in the barber shop.” No it fucking isn’t. I’ve yet to hear a black person — or anyone for that matter — question RGIII’s blackness because of the way he presents himself. He was actually lauded by Wilbon not long ago for being the first true post-racial quarterback in NFL history since EVERYBODY loves him. The comments themselves pissed me off, but learning that they came from this McGruff Crime Dog-looking sucker-ass First Take Stephen A wanna-be causes me blind rage.

Have I made statements about Robert Griffin III in the past — sure. I know I called him closet gay and asked if he’s more dangerous because his girlfriend is ugly, but that was based on journalistic inquiry and photographic evidence. Never would I say anything disparaging about his racial identity. If anything the guy is a perfect role model for kids of all races.

Fuck this dude. I hope he and Skip get kidnapped by NASA and blown up in space.