Interested in hosting a party for you and 16 of your friends at a Philadelphia 76ers game? If you’ve got $6.80 lying around, you’re in luck, because a block of 17 tickets for Wednesday night’s game against the Detroit Pistons was on sale for $0.40 a ticket on StubHub.

If your pockets aren’t that deep, there was a pair selling for $0.10 each two rows up.

Seriously, 10 cents per ticket, not including the service charge and delivery fee, of course, would run you $9.95. So for $10.15, you and a friend could get in the door, where your chances of moving up to a better seat would certainly be pretty good.

If you don’t want to deal with the stress of playing musical chairs, you could get a seat in the lowest level for about what it will cost you to see Skyfall. Two tickets, 23 rows from the floor, normally $39, you could get them for $11 each … to see a team that last season upset the No. 1 seeded Chicago Bulls in the first round of the playoffs.

Flaherty provided Yahoo! Sports with’s numbers specific to the Pistons vs. 76ers game, and they are stunning:

• Average price of all tickets sold within the last 24 hours is $7.27.
• 18% of all tickets sold to this game have sold for $2 or less.
• 43% of all tickets sold to this game have sold for $5 or less.
• 602 of the 1,800 tickets still available for this game are posted at prices of $2 or less

Pathetic to have tickets selling for sarcastic amounts of money online? Sure. Embarrassing to get blown out at home by the worst team in the league? Absolutely. Encouraging to know that all of the Philly Stoolies could invade a game this season and take over the entire stadium? Definitely.

This Yahoo writer can poke fun at our dime tickets all he wants, but from my side it looks like a tremendous opportunity for all of us to get drunk and invade the WF Center in masse sometime this season. Ten cents? With hundreds of tickets available for under $2? We’ve gotta make this happen before the team starts winning or The Fifth Beatle Andrew Bynum comes back.

A quick check of the schedule says there’s another Sixers/Pistons game on December 10; I’m sure tickets won’t break their $2 threshold before now and then.

Should we organize a Philly Stoolie night out featuring possibly getting hammered at Xfinity before stumbling over and invading the stadium?
Vote 1 For Nobody Wants To Do That and 10 For Set It Up Viva La Stool.
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