HuffPoThe “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper took to Reddit on Wednesday for an AMA chat with fans about his favorite girl, Mary Jane:

On average, how much do you smoke in a week?
81 blunts a day x 7

Barstool Philly Fast Five Snoop Dogg Blunt Facts
because I have time to do it and don’t care if i get the math wrong

1. Given an average blunt length of 6 inches, Snoop Dogg will smoke enough blunts to circle the planet every 2.14 years.

2. Which means if Snoop has been smoking this consistently since, say, 20, the Doggystyle MC has already smoked roughly 9.81 EARTHS of blunts.

3. Snoop, if he can somehow manage to smoke at this pace for 85 years, will have smoked the equivalent of a blunt 238,900 miles long, or a blunt that reaches from the earth to the moon.

4. If Snoop smoked each blunt with only 4 other people, in 3.93 years he could have gotten stoned with every man, woman, and child in his home city of Long Beach.

5. Using the same 4-partner cypher system, he could also smoke out every person who purchased his last album, Doggumentary, in less than a year.

PS – Yes, I think he smokes 81 a day because of the Kobe 81-point game.