The last couple weeks have been frustrating for me since I’ve been so close yet won nothing. That, coupled with the fact that Neil, kmarko, AND KFC* are winning money now has me back on my research game ready to steal some duckets from Stoolies who think they can out-fantasy me. I’m checking Chicago wind chill factors and turf vs. grass TD ratios…it’s time to get back on my grind.

You know how it works by now: pick a team of 9 while staying under the cap. Pick the right team and you win cash money deposited directly into your Paypal. Easiest money possible.


· $25,000 in total prizes, with the winner walking away with $5,000
· 555 seats in the tournament, up to four entries allowed
· $50 entry fee
· League starts at kickoff on Sunday, Dec. 16th

Unfortunately for us tonight’s game isn’t in play so I can’t grab Bryce Brown or Nick Foles for pennies on the dollar, but that just means we gotta find bargains elsewhere.

SIGN UP HERE to play and worst of luck to you all.

*I’m still leading the overall FanDuel money race